Life Insurance & Estate Planning for Affluent Families.

Our business is grounded in the powerful belief of the enhanced value of life insurance.

Life insurance is amongst the most tax-efficient assets available in Canada.  It is a sophisticated financial tool that provides unique planning opportunities for wealth-holders to:

  • protect their wealth,
  • grow their wealth without market volatility,
  • provide security for their loved ones,
  • create tax-favoured income,
  • transition their business,
  • make a meaningful charitable impact, and
  • address their tax issues for pennies on the dollar

We exist to provide greater clarity in the estate planning process.

Business families with meaningful corporate assets may unknowingly face double taxation at death.  Without proactive planning in place, this final tax bite could climb to as much as 70% of value as these corporate assets are transitioned to the next generation — reducing a $5 million holding company to just $1.5 million after-tax.

We provide conservative, tax-efficient and time-tested strategies to seamlessly transition wealth from one generation to the next.

We help our clients and their professional advisors to better understand the unique role that life insurance can play in the estate planning process.  We demonstrate how life insurance can help to address and even reduce taxes arising at death so our clients can protect what they’ve built for future generations.

Transforming Success into Significance

Insurance-Assisted Philanthropy

Redirecting tax dollars toward charity.  Insured donation strategies afford socially conscious Canadians the opportunity to mitigate tax through a variety of insurance-assisted philanthropy strategies.

Donation strategies addressing:

  • Capital Gain Tax Liabilities
  • Private Company Shares
  • CPP Charitable Legacy
  • RRIF Income Charitable Legacy

A reliable resource for affluent families and their professional advisors.


We’ve become recognized by other leading professionals for our expertise in life insurance based planning solutions.  Lawyers, accountants, portfolio managers and family office professionals have come to depend on us to objectively demonstrate the economics of life insurance for their clients.


We are fiercely independent and take great pride in delivering advice that is objective and free from any conflicts.  We enjoy complete freedom to pursue the best planning solutions available to address our clients’ needs.  We answer to our clients alone.  Our clients feel confident knowing that their interests are our sole priority.

Trust & Collaboration

Serving the needs of high net worth families requires developing high levels of trust with other professional advisors.   We collaborate openly with other professionals including lawyers, accountants, portfolio managers and family office professionals.

Exceptional Service

We know our clients by their first name, not by their policy number.  When clients choose to work with us, they have our long-term commitment to exceptional client service and proactive advice to conveniently manage their insurance portfolio overtime.

Astute advice for a diverse range of affluent Canadians. Each with unique needs, challenges & opportunities.